Monday, January 13, 2014

Gardening: Thinking Spring!

I have lived in Washington state for about 13 years now. People told us it rained all the time. It is a semi true statement but the rain really hasn't bothered me. I  do love a good downpour where I can be inside a nice warm house with the fireplace on, cuddled under a blanket listening to the rain.

But, then Spring arrives and I am so ready for the warmer weather, gardening, being outside more, doing outside projects. I love all the four distinct seasons in the northwest.

I definitely have Spring on the brain these days. I came across this web site from Better Homes and Garden. It is all about garden plans. These garden plans are put together with essential tools you need to select your plan. There are quizzes to take, you can input the size of your garden space you want to work with. You can input information like if the garden space is sunny or shady, any animals in your area, and you can select the moisture level. Each plan comes with a detailed plant list, a color plan and illustration of the garden when it is full-grown. They have a selection of garden plans for vegetable spaces, cottage gardens, small-space gardening, and no-fuss areas.

I have been dreaming about what to do with our front yard for awhile and got so inspired with these plans. I am by far a beginner gardener so these plans were so much help to me in knowing what plants work and don't work for my climate, and garden area. Plus, as a visual learner I can see what the end results will be when the garden is full-grown.

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