About Me

My name is Susan. I am the voice and cook behind Simply Delicious Everyday. I just got this idea in my head one day that I should start a blog. I had friends and family keep asking me for recipes I had served up for dinners, potlucks, holidays, and just for fun. I decided it was the easiest way to share recipes with everyone. Thus, Simply Delicious Everyday blog was created. I had to think about the title a lot trying to come up with the perfect name. I loved 'Sweets By Suz', but didn't want people to think I was just a sweet shop. I cooked almost anything and wanted a title that fit for all kinds of food. Well, I like simplicity, I like delicious things, and we have to eat everyday...

I absolutely love cooking and have a passion for baking. I always seem to have my nose in a food magazine and own tons (and tons) of cookbooks, and stacks of recipes I have ripped out of a magazine to try. I make my family a homemade meal from scratch just about every night. Eating together as a family is really important to me. There is just something about trying a new recipe and having it come out so yummy- it is just so rewarding!

I cook with simple everyday spices and ingredients. I lose interest immediately when I am reading through a recipe that calls for things I have never even heard of and then have to go on a wild ingredient chase to numerous stores in town to see if they have this item.
I also LOVE my coffee. I repeat, I LOVE coffee (with cream and sugar)!
I love blogging although most of the time I have no clue what to write about.
I love being able to share what I love to do: cooking, organizing, gardening, and making crafts. So thank you for reading all about it and allowing me to share it.

I got married in March of 2011 and can't thank my supportive, awesome, loving (and all the wonderful things he is) husband enough for eating all the (good and bad) food I cook! I love how honest he is with the recipes and what could of been better...my own personal food critic!

I have been featured in the Better Homes and Garden magazine, August 2010 issue in the Better Cook section. You can also find me on Mixingbowl.com under the profile of SweetsBySuz.

Please feel free to email with questions, or just because you can. simplydeliciouseveryday@chef.net

Happy Cooking! Happy Baking! And a happy everything else!
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