Thursday, January 2, 2014

Random Post: New Eating Habits - Clean Eating

Happy new year to you! Any fun and exciting new years resolutions to share?

I love, love, love the start of a new fresh year. To a fabulous whatever comes your way. I am so excited to see what this year brings for our family. I am so ready! 

For my family, in 2013 we ate out a lot, or at least it sure seemed like it. I do love to cook and try new recipes but after a long day at work and my (as well as the kids) crazy evening routine, sometimes it was just easier to grab a quick bite out. I would be tired or didn't plan ahead and thaw any meat so nothing was planned for dinner. This year not only am I going to try and have my family eat healthier, we are also saving money by not eaten out as much and keep those eating out moments to a minimum.

To help stick to my plan, I subscribed to a meal planning service emeals. Emeals is a weekly menu planning service. They offer a variety of menu plans to fit your families needs and lifestyle. Included in your weekly meal planning service you get recipes for a main dish and entree or side dish, and a detailed grocery list. I chose the Clean Eating menu for my family. We have had three meals and each one has been delicious! I tend to be a bit of a pickier eater - no seafood, no certain veggies, so I will simply chose a different fresh veggie to prepare or chose another meal off the menu for that night. All I have to do each week is print off the menu plan and go grocery shopping.  

The benefits of a meal planning weekly service: 
  • More time to spend with my family and less time sitting flipping through cookbook after cookbook trying to come up with something new to eat for the week. 
  • We are saving money! Even tho the meal planning service is a teeny tiny bit of change each month, we are going to stick with it and purchase only what we need for the week off the menu and not buy a bunch of excess groceries that aren't healthy and don't really need - all those binge shopping moments we did - ack!
  • The meals on emeals look yummy! A variety of fresh food and really easy to prepare meals.
If you aren't familiar with Clean Eating I have included the basics below. You can also visit my Food - Clean Eating Pinterest board for fresh, healthy recipes.

Happy fresh cooking!

- Susan
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