Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random Picks: Cake Decorating Class- Lesson 1

Sometime ago I signed up at a Joanne's Craft store to attend a cake decorating class by Wilton. They gave us a list of supplies we needed to purchase and bring to class. I was so excited to get started. As much as I cook and bake I have never made a cake, ever, and only used a piping bag once.

The classes are held on Tuesdays from 6-8p at the back of the Joanne's store for 4 weeks.
The first week, Lesson 1, was more a lecture class. The instructor had shown us how to make frosting with three different consistancies (stiff, medium, and soft), and used coloring for each type. She had prepared a cake, levelened, filled and frosted it. By the time class was over she had completely decorated it; made roses, added leaves, borders, and dots around the cake. The instructor taught us so many tips, tricks, and things to do (and not to do) it was overwhelming- but tried to take good notes. By the next class, we were to bring a cake, leveled, filled if we chose, and frosted. We were going to learn how to transfer images onto our cake and fill them in using the star tip.

Thanks for my dear Grandma for sending me all her frosting dyes, tips and cake decorating supplies. I have used them many times and am SO happy to have them. They will get lots of use decorating cakes and cupcakes!

The pictures are of the final cake the instructor made during our first class.
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