Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random Picks: Cake Decorating Class- Lesson 3

Our third lesson of the cake decorating class I had made white cupcakes and frosted them with white frosting. We started with making a rose on top of our cupcakes. We learned how to make the shell borders and swirl flowers. We also learned how to stripe our piping bags and have our frosting come out with colored stripes. We made clown bodies and put on plastic clown heads- adorable and fun! We also learned how to make leaves and add them around our flowers and roses. For our final lesson (Lesson 4), we are to make another cake and bring it frosted. We are going to complete the cake with everything we have learned; roses, leaves, borders, flowers, dots, and lettering and hopefully by the end of class bring home a complete cake.

The pictures of the cupcakes are the actual ones I decorated in class.

One of the supplies we had to get was a Course 1 Cake Decorating book with all the lessons and what we will be doing in class. There are also practice sheets in the back of the book to practice flowers, step-by-step to make roses, borders, lettering, bows, and more. It will be a great book to refer back to for ideas and what tips to use and techniques.
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