Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random Picks: Product Tester- On-The-Go Portable Knife

Sometime ago I signed up to join a club, Cooking Club of America ( In the process to become a member, there was a place about becoming a product tester on new items. How it works is the Club would send certain products to members that needed to be tested and reviewed. You test it, and fill out a product test card and send the review card back within a certain amount of time. The product is yours to keep for free- really it is!

The product I received to test is called On-The-Go Portable Knife. It is an 8 inch stainless steel knife that has its own protective case. All in all I really liked the knife. It is lightweight, and comfortable to use. I know it is supposed to be compact and portable but I thought the handle was just a tiny bit short. The protective case is nice and definately protects the blade but seems a little cheap and could be easier to take the knife out. When using the knife to cut it was awesome to use- sharp (like a knife should be) but sliced through the food so easily!

I find it exciting to test new products, of course kitchenware! Wonder what they will send me next to test!?
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1 comment:

  1. I have just received my knife in today's mail, but I also had a book that they wanted me to buy. There was a prepared return label with it, but I have to take it back to the post office.

    Also I haven't received my 3 promised gifts when I paid my year's subscription.

    Still waiting for them to get back to me. Still not sure about this site.