Friday, May 28, 2010

Random Picks: Sushi

I just tried sushi for the first time. Phew, I did! Really...!! For those of you that know me very well, you know I can't stand to eat anything from the sea. I have never had the pallete for seafood. Tonight Scott wanted to go out to eat and as we were discussing where to go I got out the phone book for more ideas. I turned to a Japanese restaurant ad and he said he could go for some sushi. I gave him a scrunched up face and said, "Eww". I knew they would have other choices of food to order so off we went to Osaka Japanese Restaurant located in Olympia, WA. On the way he was convincing me that sushi really was good and he had the same reaction as I did at first. Just the thought of raw fish doesn't sound to appetizing. I ordered the Beef Yakisoba (picture below), Scott ordered the plate of Sake (Salmon) sushimi (picture to the right). When we got our food, Scott poured the soy sauce into the little dish they bring you, and added just a little wasabi to make the flavor mild for me. He gave me a large piece of ginger to cleanse my pallete and cut off a small piece of fish, dipped it in the sauce, and in my mouth it went. First reaction was: it was okay- melt in your mouth though, soft but chewy- definately not fishy. Atleast I was proud of myself for trying it and so was Scott! He also ordered some Spicy Salmon sushi rolls (Salmon, some diced veggies, seaweed wrap and white rice). That was actually my favorite. I couldn't even taste the raw fish in it at all and was very spicy, rolled in rice with vegetables inside. Yum!

The Beef Yakisoba (the red is pickled ginger)

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  1. WOW Good Job Susan I cant believe you did it.

    C. Johnson