Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Random Post: The many uses of plastic grocery bags

If you are anything like me, I forget to bring my reusable grocery bags into the store with me. When I go to the grocery store I always end up putting my groceries in those plastic bags. The plastic bag storage I keep under my kitchen sink gets over full and starts spilling over and getting in the way of everything. There are places that recycle these plastic bags (I know for sure Target has a container inside the store), but these plastic bags have some handy household and everyday uses.

· Use them for a small trash can liner.
· Use them for putting dirty diapers in.
· Use it as a container for used cat liter.
· If you are going on a walk with your dog who decided to do the doo in your neighbor’s lawn. Use it as a container for picking up after your dog.
· Use it as packing material.
· You don’t have any rain boots and have to walk through some mud. Take a bag, put your foot inside, and tie the handles together around your ankle. You may need more than one for this one.
· Use them as small lawn clean up bags.
· Use them in place of rubber gloves if you don’t have any gloves handy.
· Use a bag to get a credit/debit card to swipe. Place the card inside the bag tightly against the card, and swipe. I have no idea why this works, but it does.
· Use them as flags.
· Use them as dirty laundry when you are traveling.
· Use them to protect a plaster cast so you can take a shower.
· Use them as freezer bags.
· Use larger bags to cover clothes in a closet or while traveling to keep clothes clean.
· Use large ones to slip over ceiling fans when cleaning the blades to catch the dust and keep it from falling on the floor.
· Use them as a toy parachute.
· Use them as sick bags when someone has a sour stomach.
· Use them as a rain bonnet.
· Put them on your wiper blades and mirrors in the winter to keep them free from snow and ice.
· Store your shoes in plastic bags when you have to travel to the rest of your clothes don’t smell like stinky feet.
· Store wet paint brushes in them after you’ve washed out the paintbrush.
· Use them to store rags in.
· Use one to store the rest of your plastic bags in.
· Stuff one or a few in the bottom of a flower pot, then add your dirt, and flowers. It helps the flowers stay moist and not have the water run out of the bottom of your pot (if it has holes in the bottom).
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