Friday, August 24, 2012

Random Post: Menu Planning

I had a few minutes and decided to read some of the pins I had recently pinned on Pinterest. I got really excited about this one pin and had to share.

There will be weeks when I get so busy I don’t menu plan very well. It ends up I text my husband at 4:30p asking him for suggestions for dinner.

This site, Shrinking Kitchen, has a series of Menu Plan Your Butt Off. An interesting title to say the least, but I found this site incredibly amazing. It provides you with weeks and weeks and weeks of pre-planned menus as well as the printable grocery list.

There will be some weeks when I won’t personally like a certain item (I can’t stand eating fish, or seafood) so I would substitute that day with some of my recipes. I can still do some menu planning but most of it is already done for me.

The menus look easy and the ingredients are something you would usually already find in your pantry or fridge.

Happy Menu Planning!

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