Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Random Post: Daily Deal - JoAnn's

I went into JoAnn’s only to purchase one small item, because I knew they had it. Then I thought I would look for a birthday present for my girl. Then I saw a 70% off bin.

I had signed up for JoAnn’s emails some time ago, and remembered there was a bunch of coupons in the last email. I opened up the email and there was an option to have a mobile coupon sent to you for 50% off one item. I did it all right in the store on my iPhone. Thank goodness because I left my ad at home on the counter.
I ended up purchasing:
·    the pen, I originally came into the store for ($3.29)
·    A small notebook, which was in the 70% bin, originally $7.99 marked down to ($2.39)
·    An insulated lunch bag, which was in the 70% off bin, originally $16.99, marked down to ($5.09)
·    Perler Beads, the birthday present for my girl ($7.99)

With the 70% off items, and using the 50% off one item coupon, I got the pen, notebook, and Perler beads for free.

My total for everything came to $16.29, when the insulated bag at regular price cost $16.99.

Total savings: $21.50
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