Friday, September 14, 2012

Random Post: Shopping with Rewards

I am completely into this coupon thing. After I had attended the session (see post below for more details), I looked a little further into this whole coupon world and ended up checking out some books at the library. I found a fabulous read, one I can hardly put down. Although my head was spinning for days with all the amazing information she had, it all made perfect sense. The book is called, "How To Shop For Free: Shopping Secrets for Smart Women Who Love To Get Something For Nothing" by Kathy Spencer. She also has a Web site.

Today I needed printer ink. I went to Office Max since I had just opened a Max Rewards card and also knew they had the exact printer ink I needed. Here is the breakdown of what I had purchased.

12” ruler (2)                            .05 each (.10)
Scissors (2)                             .50 each (1.00)
3x5 lined index cards 300 pk   2.00
2 pack Canon ink                  49.99
4oz white glue (2)                    .25 each (.50)
3 pk Pink Pearl Erasers (2)        .75 each (1.50)               
1 subject notebook (5)        5 Free – promo deal
$5 off a purchase of $25        -5.00
                         TOTAL      $50.09 the price for ONLY the printer ink.

Just by getting the items advertised in this week’s Office Max ad (as Max Perks), and taking advantage of the 5 free notebooks, and using the $5 off coupon, all the items (rulers, scissors, index cards, glue, erasers) I purchased above was FREE! How can you not say “Woo Hoo” to that deal! With two elementary aged children in the house, I know eventually I will need these items.

I have two ink cartridges that are empty. If I take them back to Office Max, I get 2 rewards, which equals $2, for each empty ink cartridge I return, the store will put on my rewards card. That is $4 free bucks. You can do that up to $20 a month for any kind of ink. Multiple that by 12 months and that equals up to $240 back a year.

Also at the end of every receipt (that I have received so far) if you take their survey you get a $5 off of $25. It is $5 free bucks for just a few minutes of your time.

Happy Saving!
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