Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random Post: Dryer Sheet Uses Around the House

Now that I have made the wool dryer balls (which work amazing!), and will never be buying dryer sheets again, I now have a Costco supply of dryer sheets leftover and wonder what to do with them all?!?!

I put together a simple list of dryer sheet uses for around the house.

Clean Pots and Pans. If last night’s dinner is still stuck on a pot or pan, simply place a dryer sheet in the pan and then cover it with hot water. Let the pan soak overnight, and then use the dryer sheet to wipe away the loosened food in the morning. Then clean as usual.

Loosen Pet Hair. Before you attempt to vacuum pet hair off of your couch, chair or even your rug, rub the surface down with a dryer sheet. The dryer sheet will loosen the hair from the upholstery and make it easier to vacuum up.

Dust Computer Screens. Or a television screen, or iPad surface. 
   To remove dust without damaging 
   your electronics, rub a dryer sheet 
   over the surface. It will reduce 
   static and pick up the dust.

Keep Deer Away. If you live in an 
    area where deer are prevalent and nibbling on your garden, cut dryer sheets into one-inch strips and 
    then tie them onto the tips of   greenery or in trees. The smell will keep deer away.

Remove Soap Scum. If you have mineral deposits or hard to clean soap scum in your shower, wipe it away with a dryer sheet. Lightly wet a dryer sheet, and then scrub the soap scum away. To learn more about soap scum, read: Be A Soap Scum Ninja.

Clean Scissor Blades. To clean your scissors without dulling the blades, rub them down with a dryer sheet. The sheet will remove any built-up stickiness, dust and dirt.

Repel Bees Outside. At your next backyard barbeque, put a dryer sheet in your back pocket. The smell will repel bees. If you don’t have a pocket to hide the dryer sheet, simply tuck a few sheets under your lawn furniture or blanket.

Cure clingy clothes. With the swipe of a dryer sheet you can do away with clingy, static-ridden clothes in seconds. Carrying a dryer sheet in your purse to avoid those situations. It will make your bag smell nice, too.

Scent your stuff. Tuck a fresh sheet into your dresser drawers. It leaves a subtle fragrance they lend to everything stashed away with it. This is also a good trick for gym bags, suitcases or even smelly sneakers.
Tame frizzy hair. Don't you hate it when you've just blow-dried your hair, smoothed on some anti-frizz serum and yet your strands are still determined to go haywire? Static + hair is never a good combination. Simply run a dryer sheet over your hair. It may seem odd but it works like a charm.

De-squeak Your Feet. Are those new rubber-soled shoes squeaking all over the office? Quiet them down by rubbing the bottoms with a dryer sheet.

Freshen your ride. You know those scented pine trees on a string car fresheners that are really strong? Instead, slip a few dryer sheets under the seats in your car. It will keep your whole car smelling so fresh and so clean.

    Dust it up. Dryer sheets can be used on nearly any surface to do away    
         with dust. Rub a dryer sheet on your baseboards to keep the dust 
         from collecting on the edge.

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