Saturday, January 19, 2013

Random Post: Wool Dryer Balls

How cool would it be if you never had to buy dryer sheets again!?! Any way I can save a few bucks for this household I am definitely down to doing it. I am all about saving money, which is why I tried out these wool dryer balls.

Here is what you need:
100% wool yarn (you can find this at any crafty store. Walmart has some. I purchased mine at Michael's).
nylons, or tights
embroidery thread
I got a two 3.5 ounce skein of 100% wool. I made a total of four wool dryer balls. I could easily get another 2-3 more balls out of each skein.  I paid $4 for each skein.

To get the ball started, wrap the yarn around your fingers 15-20 times. 

Slip it off your fingers and wrap around the yarn another 15-20 times. I almost looks like a bow.

Pinch the ends together and start wrapping the yarn around and around into a ball. Make sure you wrap it around nice and tight. 

Leave a little tail of yarn.

When the ball is about 5-6 inches around, cut the yarn leaving a couple inches and tuck under and around other stands of yarn to secure it.

Continue with the steps above for as many balls as you want to make.

To felt:
Take a pair of tights, or nylons. Take the first ball and place in the nylons at the foot area. Take a small piece of embroidery thread and tie it off (double knot) and continue this with each ball.  Do not use the wool thread to tie it off because it will felt in the process - you do not want this!

Embroidery thread
Take the balls of wool secured in the nylons and a load of clothes (I used towels) and use the hottest setting of water on your washing machine. Hotter the water, the better. Run the load in the washing machine. Then put them in the dryer on the hottest heat setting. The fibers of wool will come out tight.

Now you have complete dryer wool balls. 

How awesome is that! No more expensive dryer sheets.

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