Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Organizing: Labeling those cords

In my earlier post about washi tape I couldn’t wait to do my first project. So here it is!

In our household we have two iPhones, chargers, two iPads, cords for cameras, Ethernet cords, wireless connection cords, cords, cords, and cords!

I wanted to avoid my husband picking up the wrong cord so I did a cute little thing and got out all my cords relating to my iPhone and iPad. I took my washi tape and wrapped it around the end to add a decorative strip. I don’t have a label maker (yet!) but printed out the name for the cord (iPhone or iPad) from my computer on clear labels as well as my name. On one side I placed the clear label (iPhone or iPad) on top of the washi tape, turned over the cord and placed my name on the other side. 

Now my cords are clearly labeled with what the plug or cord is for and who it belongs to.

Super cuteness, fun looking, and easy!

- Susan
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