Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Organization: Store Rewards Cards

Me being the deal catcher, reward card program perks holder, and couponer, my wallet was getting so huge with all the reward program cards I had signed up for. It was also getting a frustrating because I had multiple cards stacked together in those plastic card holder inserts. It was definitely time to clean out my wallet and get organized so I could be more efficient at checkout.

I sorted all the cards in my wallet. One pile for all my reward cards. Another pile with important cards I need and absolutely use everyday. I only put back the pile of important cards into my wallet. That instantly shrunk the size of my wallet in half. 
I took my pile of rewards program cards and punched a hole in the corner and put them on a key ring. I put them in alphabetical order (although the small cards I put in front for easier access because they are so small).  
**If you do this, be careful you don't punch a hole on any important card information, such as, card numbers, or the black strip on the back of the card.


I went from a huge thick three fold wallet down to fit everything into a pretty purple clutch wallet. It works wonders for me!


I even get compliments on how neat my organization system is for my rewards cards, when I am checking out at the store.

Happy organizing!
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