Monday, March 25, 2013

Random Post: Linen Closet Organization, Pinterest Inspiration

Since I got my office space done, my mind has been off dreaming about the next organization project I want to accomplish around our house. I have made a list of all the places in the house I need to tackle and organize. Places that were just irritating me because there was no order. The list came out really long. But, after much thought I decided to take a plunge into our linen closets. We have two linen closets in the house. One located in the master bathroom. The other linen closet is upstairs along the hallway. They each have a bi-fold door.

I am actually struggling a bit with this organization project. I have visited many stores for fun, cute baskets but have not found any that just make me jump and shout "Yes! That's perfect". So I decided to head over to my favorite site, Pinterest, for a little inspiration.

Source - unknown

Source - unknown



Source - unknown

And just for an added bonus, even tho these are not linen organization related, I wanted to include these two decor ideas. I have a few places in our house I could put these two ideas to use.

This would be perfect to hang in our office walk in closet, which we also use for our guest room.

Happy Organizing!


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