Monday, April 1, 2013

Organizing: Go Wireless Printing

In our office we had two printers (one for my husband’s desk, one for my desk). We really didn’t need two printers when we could share one, save space in our office, and even money with only one set of ink cartridges and paper!

I have been very happy with my Canon printer and that was the same brand printer my husband had. Picking out a wireless printer was super easy. My “printer must do” criteria list was incredibly short. It must be wireless. It must print, scan, and copy, and cost less than $100. We made a trip to Best Buy and there it was, the Canon PIMXA MX892 inkjet All-In-One and, well, problem solved!

Once we got the printer home and unpacked, we moved my husband’s printer stand to a central location in the office where it was easy for both of us to access. I organized the printer stand with the extra paper we had stored elsewhere, ink cartridges, and our shredder. I added all my sheet labels and cardstock paper into a magazine holder to keep them together. Now it is easy to access and everything is in one place for our printing needs.

We don't have wires to trip over or get tangled, it is cost effective, easy to setup, and has been a space saver if you are going from multiple printers down to one. I really wonder why we didn’t do this sooner!?!

Happy Organizing!
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