Friday, April 19, 2013

Organizing: Store Coupons

I have started a new coupon organization system by store. So far the results have been incredibly helpful, organized, and a time saver.

I currently have two coupon expandable organizers, each section inside is labeled by category. The blue organizer carries all coupons relating to food, categories consist of: Baking, Canned, Cereal, Drinks, Frozen, Refrigerated, Snacks, etc.

The long purple coupon organizer holds all coupons relating to personal care and household related items, categories consist of: Beauty, Body/face wash, Deodorant, Toilet paper/Paper towels, Oral Care, Cleaning, Razors, etc.


I cut coupons each week and stuff them into the appropriate divider using the blue and purple coupon organizers.
Well lately there are so many good-can’t-pass-up-deals going on at multiple stores. I review blogs and go through store ads and cut store coupons I think I will use during the week. Then I match the store coupons with manufacture coupons. I take a long envelope and label it with the store name (Safeway, Walgreens, Target). I paper clip the store coupons together in one stack. I paper clip the manufacture coupons in another stack. Then I place the piles of coupons into the appropriate store envelope. When it is time to go to the store I have everything in one envelope. I know exactly what I need, and makes the shopping trip a lot quicker and smoother.

I will use the Safeway store as an example below.
Here is the paper clipped stack of Safeway store coupons:

Here is the paper clipped stack of manufacture coupons to use at the Safeway store:

Here is the envelope I keep my Safeway coupons in. It isn’t fancy, but it works for me and so far I have found it to be really useful.

I have been able to save between 47-65% off every transaction. I’m working on getting the savings number to be higher, but this is still a huge savings for us.
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