Saturday, August 20, 2011

Random Picks: What I Love About My Kitchen!

A few months ago I came across an article that was titled, "What do you love most about your kitchen?" I often dream of my future kitchen and the features I one day look forward to having but this article got me thinking about my current kitchen. Although we currently rent and can't call this kitchen "mine" there are things I do love about it:

  • It is centrally located in the house.

  • There is tons of wide counter space.

  • I love watching my husband cook the bacon or hamburger meat and still have plenty of room to prep the rest of the dinner together.

  • There is plenty of cupboard space to hold all my necessary kitchen utencils and equipment.

  • It has all the necessities I need to make a scrumptious meal.

  • I have a view out my kitchen window into my backyard right to where all the bird feeders are and can enjoy watching the birds come and go.

  • I can open the kitchen window and talk to my amazing husband while he BBQs on the deck as I prep the other side dishes inside.

  • I have a colorful view of the flowers on my deck and can enjoy them all summer long!

  • It is square and just the perfect size kitchen.
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