Saturday, August 27, 2011

Random Post: Trader Joe's Raffle: Part 1

I love to shop at Trader Joes! They have some very unique items, but it is always fresh and have never been disappointed during my shopping experience. I don't go too often but my husband and I love the Sea Salt Pita Chips with hummus for a snack! YUM!

At every register there is a small container and a roll of tickets. If you bring your own bag for the groceries you can put your name and phone number on a ticket and drop it in the container at the register knowing it will be never be drawn since they have 8 registers and all the buckets full with tickets from the week, proabably a good couple hundred tickets to draw from.

Well this last Friday I had received a message from our local Trader Joes saying they had drawn MY name for the week! I was so excited that it could actually be ME! I went to the store as soon as I could and was handed a gift card for $10, which isn't a lot but, it is $10! I can definately put that to good use.

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