Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Random Post: My Most Favorite Kitchen Items

Wooden Spoon. This isn’t just your standard wooden spoon. If I am sautéing something this is the first wooden spoon I grab for. It is comfortable to hold and the way the spoon is made just works so well for what I am doing in the pan. Many years ago my parents visited the East Coast, and on their travels visited the Stonewall Kitchen store where they got this wooden spoon.

Kitchen Aid Mixer. A few miles from where I live there is a cute little community that has an annual garage sale during the summer. I love to go these garage sales. A few years ago this is where I found my Kitchen Aid mixer. The guy selling it said it had only been used a couple of times and was only a couple years old. It was very clean and came with an unopened box of attachments (meat grinder, etc). I had been borrowing my mom’s mixer at the time and really did need one, so I asked the guy selling it how much it was. He said, “$40”. gulp uh, duh, SOLD!!

Martha Stewart Cutting Board. This cutting board I received for our wedding. I was quite desperate for new boards since all my other cutting boards had been cut into too many times and was time to get them replaced. This Martha Stewart cutting board is fantastic and has a no slip backing so doesn’t slid around on the counter while trying to chop.  The size of the board is perfect and allows you to have space to push whatever items aside and out of the way of your knife.

Mini Spatula. This little handy kitchen tool has been used more than any of my other spatulas. This one is perfect for scrapping the bottom of a salad dressing jar and has many uses for those small little dishes and spaces you want to scrape clean. I have a dark green so it doesn't stain and is dishwasher safe.

Whisk. Given to me from Pampered Chef. It is the my ultimate favorite for mixing sauces on the stove.

Kitchen Shears:  I love having sharp kitchen shears for opening packages of chicken or cutting the fat of chicken breasts. I grab for these all the time. The scissors completely separate into two pieces and they are dishwasher safe.

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