Sunday, February 17, 2013

Organization: Greeting Cards

I had completely lost track of how many greeting cards I had accumulated over time. I had one small box with dividers that just wasn't doing exactly what I wanted. I had other cards stored in a basket. It was time to find them all stashed away in different places, sort them into categories, and organize them all in one pretty place. 

I found a simple, standard box. I cut the flaps off so it was completely open at the top.

I went shopping in my own craft room and found some bright colored fabric I wanted to use.

I matched cardstock paper to my fabric. This will be the dividers for each card category.

I covered the box with the fabric.

I cut the cardstock to size and found a shape where the labels will go. I traced and cut out each divider. 

I created my greeting card categories and printed them on clear labels. I have a total of 17 categories.

I put my cards behind the correct label and had myself a cute, bright, and cheery new greeting card organizer. All my cards are in one pretty place. 

I love it. I am so happy with how this greeting card organizer turned out. It is so colorful and sits neatly on the corner of my desk for easy access.
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