Sunday, February 3, 2013

Organizing: Our Laundry Room

It was time to get our laundry room in order. The shelves in the laundry room are open, no cupboards (I hope to change that someday to cupboards). I started by removing everything that was not cleaning or laundry related. Then I assessed what was left and made a trip to the Dollar Tree for organizing bins. Success! The walls are painted a light blue so I knew I wanted something fun and colorful.

Here are the BEFORE pictures. Yes, this mess is a little extreme since my hubby was helping me hang the iron organizer holder, but it isn't too far off from what our laundry room was looking like.

Hanging up the iron organizer
After organizing multiples of the same items into bins, and designing these adorable labels myself (laminated and stuck them with Velcro tabs) I put the final touches together and voila…a much more organized laundry room.

Here are the AFTER pictures of our laundry room.
There is nothing that sits on top of the washer or dryer. It needs to stay cleared off. The only thing I will allow on the dryer is a small green basket of my wool dryer balls.

The iron organizer is neatly hung up and easily accessible. 

Every item has its place. The containers are clearly labeled.

These are wool dryer balls I made. They are the only thing that sits on the dryer.
I was able to organize this whole room for less than $10.

Another organizing project in this house complete. Aaahhh! Such a wonderful feeling.
Here a BEFORE and AFTER picture

 Happy Organizing!
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  1. Love it Susan! It looks great!

  2. Thank you so much! It feels great to be getting some of this organizing done around the house.