Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Organizing: Garage Sale: Pricing your Items, Part 2

If you missed, Organizing: Garage Sale, Cleaning Out the House, Part 1 you can read about it here.

As I am cleaning out the house I keep piles of like items together. I gather boxes and place all boy clothes in one box, all girl clothes in another box, all household items (vases, frames, dishes) in another box. My house does become a little cluttered with all the piles until the day of the garage sale. It does tend to be an organized disaster (with clutter all over the house). When I start out organized in the beginning it makes the pricing process way easier.

In the past I have used the colored circle stickers and put the price on them. I have found they don’t stick very well, especially to sets of clothes. This year I plan to use strips of masking tape on some items. It sticks, yet it is easier to remove from any item.
The pricing process can be a bit time consuming. Since I have piles and piles of kids clothes and don’t have the time to price every single individual shirt or pair of pants, I chose one price for each item of clothing, for example $.50 each, unless otherwise marked. I create one big sign (colorful and easy to see) that explains the item being sold and price per item and always add "unless otherwise marked". Any kids clothing item I don't want to sell for $0.50 each I will add a price to that specific item.

When pricing items, use your own judgement. How much would you pay for an item at a garage sale?

It is really important to label your items clearly. Whether signs are hung up that indicate the price or there are price stickers on the items, label clearly!
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