Thursday, May 16, 2013

Organizing: Garage Sale: Supplies for the Day of the Sale, Part 3

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On the day of the garage sale you will be busy setting out your items early.

Typically the rush happens first thing in the morning when people want to get all the good stuff. It will be busy and you will want to have everything organized beforehand so you aren't frantically looking for something or making signs the morning of while you have a big line waiting.

A day or two before the sale collect these items and place in a box or bin labeled clearly, such as Garage Sale Supplies.
  • Plastic bags - for customers to put their items in (after they pay of course).
  • Box or bin - to collect your clothes hangers back
  • Cash box
  • Calculator
  • Notebook - to keep track of purchases, especially if it is a joint garage sale and you have multiple people selling items.
  • Pens/Pencils
  • Blank Computer Paper - for extra signs or to mark a large item "Sold"
  • Markers or Sharpies - to make extra signs or label items
  • Extra colored price tags or roll of masking tape (whatever you used to price your items, bring extra - to label items if something gets missed or price tag falls off.
  • Signs in your neighborhood - to direct people where the garage sale is
  • Price signs - to let people know how much items are
  • Category Signs - to keep your sale organized, such as boy clothes, girl clothes, household items, home decor, adult clothing, furniture, craft supplies, fishing supplies, gardening, Kids Toys.
  • Food - if you plan to sell water bottles, cups of coffee, candy bars, lemonade, etc.
If I have missed a supply that should be included in my garage sale supply bin, leave me a comment.

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